Wednesday, February 18, 2015

sleepy: a true story


key below:

I am sleepy and I think I would like to take a nap, but the cat is in the bed and I cannot lay there.
Maybe I will go have some tea.

need to work on consistency. also could have joined "but the" ah well.
(lie not lay, but I'm only finishing up chapter two, so no long I yet)
aaannd I wrote my 'is' backwards.

and now I see I wrote "bed" wrong.  my copy of the dictionary has a flaw on that entry that made it look like a little "e" was at that spot, but looking back I see that that isn't how an "e" would have been written so I went back and took a closer look at my dictionary, and sure enough, bed should just be "BD"
It was bothering me far too much, so I fixed it


  1. Okay, so I happen to be learning shorthand now also (So don't take my suggestion too seriously).

    In the word, 'think' shouldn't you have extended the 'nk' as to spell 'I-th-nk" (or is it completely absent to spell 'I-th')?

    1. Hi Andrew! that's a good observation! I'm not sure about the other editions, but in Anniversary "think" is a short from of just 'th' with a dot under it. (which I phrased with "I" in my sentence)
      you can see the relevant bit in paragraph 53: brief forms, at this page:

    2. Oh okay. I am always second-guessing the brief forms thinking there isn't enough being written. xD